Meet the TechTeam!

The volunteers who make Techtacular possible

Executive Board

A member of the Techtacular Executive Board, which oversees all the chapters.

Chapter Board

Students who have demonstrated extraordinary responsibility and passion by taking a leadership role in their chapter or club, helping inspire others to make a difference as well.


Students who have a passion for technology and are using it to make a difference!

Troy High School, Fullerton, CA

Sahana Anand

-Techtacular Co-Founder and President
-National Junior Honor Society Member
-President's Award for Educational Excellence
-Principal's Honor Roll
-AP Computer Science A Student
-NJROTC Unit Troy Drill Team
-NJROTC Robosub and seaperch
-Photography head

Ivy Chen

- Techtacular publicity officer
- principal’s honor roll
- NJROTC drill team
- NJROTC public affair
- CyberPatroit (windows)
- codes in python and java

Mahak Mathur

-PTSA committee chair
-CyberPatriot semi-finalist
-Linux specialist
-Principal's Honor Roll
-Involved in Troy NJROTC

Ajay Liu

-President of Troy Game Development Club
-Programming allowed me to create so much and I wish more kids can learn it too

Huy Nguyen

I love learning about technology, especially programming. Although I may not have much experience, I would love to learn more programming languages. I like working with others because it is more fun and rewarding to be able to share ideas and work toward a common goal. Gaming is also one of my interests, especially ones that involve the use of strategy or reflexes.

Joshua Oh

- Troy Techtacular Vice President
- Coding Enthusiast
- Mechatronics Student
- STEM School Graduate
- Principal’s Honor Roll

Kaira Lee

-Troy Techtacular Secretary
-Cisco Specialist
-APCSA Student
-NJROTC Drill Team
-Principal's Honor Roll

Anuj Patel

-Codes in Python, Java, C, and Ruby
-Teaches coding in Python and Java
-Involved in Troy NJROTC underwater robotics
-Principal’s Honor Roll

Siddhant Gupta

I am Siddhant Gupta. I am in the class of 2021, and in the Troy Tech Magnet Program, taking Computer Science A in the Computer Science Pathway. I am currently participating in the AFA’s Cyberpatriot competition for the second year doing Windows! I truly enjoy this competing in this exhilarating competition, where teams compete against each other gaining the most points through security protocols, and disabling malicious software and services. I also am in the National Cyber League, which is another cyber defense competition too! I have fun interacting and helping children. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, playing video games, and preparing for CyberPatriot competition!

Troy High School, Fullerton, CA

Shivana Anand

Fiona Huang

Damon Lee

Amanda Rodriguez

Natalie Nguyen