Techtacular x CoderDojo OC: August 18, 2018

We hada great time partnering with CoderDojo OC to lead an introductory Scratch class! Students learned how to create a painting game using different blocks. By the end of class, everyone had a functional game with an image that changed color and direction and painted the screen.

After working on the framework of the code as a class, students were given time to come up with variations on the program to personalize it. One student even coded the image to be his face! Each game was unique, and volunteers assisted students in implementing their ideas. Through this creative process, students learned how to use variables, conditionals, and so much more. They also helped each other, learning more in the process.

CoderDojo OC students (“ninjas”) will be able to use their newly acquired skills to create their own projects to submit to the Coolest Projects competition.