Programming and Scratch Basics: June 14-15, 2018


We had another great coding class at the Newport Beach library! Students in grades 5-8 spent 2 days planning, designing, and debugging their own game using Scratch. They learned about more complex programming concepts such as abstraction, nested loops, and functions. For many of these students, this class sparked a new interest in programming and helped them realize how fun and rewarding coding can be.


Here are some things our students thought about these two days:


“This class helped me think coding is more fun.”

“What I liked best about this class is that you could do things independently but still be interactively engaged in the class.”

“The thing I liked best about this class was when we got a chance to make our own games.”

“I learned that coding is a lot of fun and that it can be a very useful tool later on in life.”


Check out some of their projects:


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