Huntington Beach Coding Camp: January 2-3, 2019

Techtacular kicked off the new year with our coding camp at Huntington Beach Library! We started off with classes for students in grades 1-3 who had little to no coding experience.

On day 1, Techtacular volunteers led the students through creating their first Scratch games. After building the basic framework together, students were then able to personalize their projects to make each game unique.

After this initial exposure to the world of coding, students spent day 2 working independently on a project to showcase to the class. Some students made new Scratch games, some worked on their games from the day before, and others coded their way through a series of challenges on one of’s many coding games.

Students finished this camp by presenting their projects to the class.

Some of the completed projects:

The Jurassic: Eat the cake before the monsters eat you!

Run Away: Help Bren the fairy run away from the bears!

Hard Huyu Challenge: Get the apple without touching the balloon.